"The Best Salami in the Country."

--Forbes Magazine

At Salume Beddu

Salume Beddu means beautiful cured meat in Sicilian

Salume Beddu is a small artisan company, dedicated to crafting Italian and European-Style cured meats, fresh sausages and regional Italian specialty foods. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality heritage Midwestern pork and the freshest spices we can procure. Each salami is crafted with care and slow cured to produce traditional tastes with a New World twist. 

We are fiercely dedicated to crafting the best possible

cured meats for you to enjoy.

This means forging lasting partnerships with farmers who are as passionate as we are, refusing anything except the best ingredients and flavors, balancing old school methodology with continual innovation, and delivering unique products we’re extremely proud of.

We aren’t doing it by hand to be stubborn. We just think it's better that way.
Our long, hard-to-pronounce Italian names are our way of honoring the heritage of our products.

We aren’t telling you about how it’s made because we’re showing off,
we just love doing this and are excited to talk about it.

We have a saying that is a guiding principle for us:

"If it's not adding to the flavor, it's taking away."

The details matter to us. All of them. Always.

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