$16.75/lb in approx. .25 to .45 lb pieces

Pork belly cured flat and spiced carefully with nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper, and garlic. Add to vegetables or lentils and beans

Salame Cotto

$16.25/lb in approx. 1.25 lb piece

A northern Italian style poached salame featuring nutmeg, ginger, bay leaf, coriander, and whole black peppercorns


$8/6oz piece

Known as "Hunter's" salame, this is an Italian style salame flavored simply with black pepper, marjoram and red wine


$8/6oz piece

Small spicy salame flavored with toasted anise, chile de arbol, garlic and red wine


(shipped ground weather permitting, Spring and Summer may require expedited shipping)


$25/lb in approx. 1.5 lb pieces

Our take on the classic northern Italian salame flavored simply with white pepper, a touch of garlic and white wine


$8/6oz piece

A Spanish style, dry-cured salame flavored with smoked paprika and New Mexican chile


$8/6oz piece

A lean, Venetian style salame made with a host of Eastern spices including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, and more


$8/6oz piece

Our Calabrian style salame is spicy and bold flavored with dried chiles, smoked paprika, coriander, wine and garlic


$8/6oz piece

Simple and straightforward, our Tuscan style salame is flavored with toasted fennel, black pepper, garlic and red wine

Soppressata Siciliano

$25/lb in approx. 1.5 lb pieces

A large rustic salame slow aged no less than 90 days with red chile, garlic, toasted fennel, and red wine



Hot Dogs

$9.50 for 4 links

100% Berkshire pork shoulder, with a host of warming spices, similar in profile to mortadella, in natural casings, fully cooked


$16.25/lb in approx. .25 to .45 lb pieces

This dry-cured jowl is cured with chile de arbol, black pepper, and garlic

(shipped overnight under ice)


$8/6oz piece

A spreadable Calabrian style salame packed with chiles makes an incredibly versatile product. It's great simply spread on toasted ciabatta, as a base for pasta sauces, and for building complex flavors in braised dishes

We happily slice all salami to order in-store. We ship by the whole piece unless otherwise noted.


(shipped ground weather permitting, Spring and Summer may require expedited shipping)


$8/12 oz. pack

Lightly smoked over hickory with a touch of black pepper and bay leaves. An ode to the perfection of pork belly.

Fresh Salsiccie

(shipped overnight under ice)

Salsiccia Bolognese

$9/lb of four links

A northern Italian sausage with traditional warming spices of Bologna such as nutmeg, mace, cinnamon and cloves,, finished with white wine and fresh garlic.

Is your mouth watering yet? Order online or stop by the shop to pick up your favorites today! 

Salsiccia Fiama

$9/lb of four links

A southern Italian sausage with chile, smoked paprika, toasted fennel seeds, red wine, and fresh garlic


(shipped overnight under ice)


$32/lb in approx. 1.25 lb piece

Dry cured loin spiced with a North African spice mix including allspice, nutmeg, ginger, mace, coriander, garlic and many more

"The Best Salami in the Country."

--Forbes Magazine


A series of premium dried fruits simmered in a white wine syrup and flavored with toasted mustard seed and chile de arbol. Spicy and sweet.

Coppa Rossa

$25/lb in approx. 1.25 lb piece

A Spanish style cured pork whole muscle infused with smoke paprika, coriander, and chimayo chile

Order Online or stop by the shop for additional, limited-quantity offerings, featuring a myriad of heritage breed hogs and small midwestern farms. Items are constantly revolving in and out of our cure room; follow social media for the latest shop-exclusive salumi!

Coppa Romana

$25/lb in approx. 1.25 lb piece

A Roman inspired coppa flavored with garlic, fennel, black pepper, and lemon zest

Fig Tapenade

Dried black mission figs, kalamata olives, and fresh garlic combine in this rich and tasty spread. Perfect with goat cheese or simply on a crusty piece of bread.

Salsiccia Diavolini

$7/12 oz of four links

An ultra-spicy sausage flavored with coriander, fresh garlic and three kinds of chiles lives up to its Italian name "little devil"